Linux Server Security

Linux Security Bundle

Rack911’s Linux security is a complete security solution suitable for most Web hosting providers and Web site owners. Our Linux security bundle secures your server on multiple levels to protect your server from attacks and preventable points of failure. Rack911 creates a custom Linux security plan to handle the security needs of your unique Linux hosting environment.

The total charge for our security bundle is based on the security checks, procedures and upgrades we perform. We recommend you sign up for our proactive security upgrade service once the security bundle is complete.

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PCI DSS Compliance

Are you handling credit card orders through your own merchant account? Do you need to be PCI DSS compliant for Visa/Mastercard? Rack911 can assist you with this. Working with scan alert, we will scan your server and enforce the required measures to bring your server up to specifications. PCI DSS compliance pricing is dependent on the depth of your needs, and initial compliance fees are followed by a monthly plan to maintain compliance. Read our complete PCI DSS Compliance information.

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Compromise Recovery

Rack911 can assist you with recovering from a server compromise. From script-based exploits with no privilege escalation to full root compromise requiring operating system reinstallation, we can help you find the cause, patch the threat, and/or restore your backups. Read more about disaster recovery and related services.

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Spammer Resolution

Is your server sending mass amounts of spam? Are you having difficulty tracking down the cause? Rack911 can help! With our Spammer Resolution service, Rack911 will investigate the root cause of security hole. Once we determine the cause of the attack, we will remove the threat and set up security measures to prevent future spam issues. If we cannot find the cause, there is no charge.

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Proactive Security Update Service

Once your server is secure, you need to make sure it stays that way. Rack911 offers proactive security updates, to make sure your server stays secure and free from vulnerablities. Security patches are generally applied within 24 hours from release after we throughly test for bugs. This service requires that you have our security bundle applied to your server.

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Kernel Upgrades

Rack911’s staff are experts in Linux kernels. The kernel is the heart of your server, and having an old and outdated kernel puts your server at risk for exploitation. Make sure your server stays up-to-date and secure, and make sure you put this task in the hands of true kernel experts.

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