Rack911: Complex Infrastructure Solutions

Network & Infrastructure Management

Rack911 manages clusters for various large Web sites, online communities and social networks. If you run a Web site that is constantly growing and requires a solid managed infrastructure, Rack911 can give you the security and scalability necessary to grow with confidence.

Rack911 owns its own equipment; we do not resell. We offer a 99.999% network uptime guarantee, excluding required and scheduled maintenance on your cluster.

Clusters are deployed within 72 hours. Rush deployment can be arranged for an additional rush setup fee. A rush deployment can be deployed in as little as 6 hours. Once your initial deployment is complete, we can scale your cluster to a larger size in just a few hours.

Rack911 follows a five-step procedure for deploying clusters:

  1. We investigate your current application, get a feel for the technologies you utilize and we assess potential losses due to migration downtime. We will also discuss future growth and scalability at this time.
  2. We investigate your current hosting enviroment. This is to get an idea of what you will be moving away from and how it is currently setup for future reference.
  3. We design an optimal infrastructure for you that meets your hosting needs.
  4. We present you with your options and explain our plans to you.
  5. We implement our plan, and manage your enviroment. You will never need to touch your servers again.

All clusters are built on a custom basis to fit our customers’ exact needs and requirements.

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