Rack911: Complex Infrastructure Solutions

Linux Server DDoS Mitigation & Prevention

When your server’s on the receiving end of an ass-whuppin’.

Average DDoS attack volumes tripled in 2018 alone at an average of 5 Gbps. Using increasingly powerful botnets, including misused cloud servers, hijacked IoT devices, and embedded devices, cybercriminals are carrying out sophisticated hyper-scale attacks with frightening regularity and ease. It’s no longer an option to cross your fingers and hope you don’t become the next victim of a DDoS attack. Organizations of all sizes must prepare themselves for an attack that can strike at any time with colossal power behind it.

Rack911 is capable of mitigating attacks of up to 1 Tbps (1,024 Gbps), a level of protection that can effectively filter disruptive traffic for all but the most aggressive attacks. Our solution is scalable and intelligent, designed to suit unique business needs and maintain performance and availability of the entire network in the event of a DDoS attack.

DDoS attacks come in all shapes and sizes, and Rack911 can help you prepare for any type of assault, including:

DNS Flood

When the attacker targets one more more DNS servers within a given zone, overwhelming server resources and rendering the server unable to properly direct legitimate requests.

UDP Amplification

When the attacker exploits vulnerabilities in DNS servers to inflate UDP packets and take down the victim’s servers.

HTTP Flood

When the attacker uses seemingly-legitimate HTTP GET or POST requests via hijacked computers and connected devices to flood the system.

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