Rack911: Complex Infrastructure Solutions

One-Off IT Development Services

You want it? You got it.

Your business is constantly changing. Can your network keep up? The experts at Rack911 are fully dedicated to serving the comprehensive needs of customers throughout the lifecycle of their server environments. From general maintenance and management, to upgrades and installs, customers can quickly and easily get the help they need to ensure their network can keep pace with a rapidly changing enterprise landscape.

To supplement ongoing network management, Rack911 provides customers with one-off services on an as-needed basis. While our experts are available to aid in a wide range of functions, some of our most common services include:

PHP Upgrades: Technology moves fast, and if you’re not paying attention, your systems can become obsolete seemingly overnight. Rack911 performs the necessary upgrades to maintain and enhance the functionality of mission-critical programs and the security of your applications.

VPN Setup: Security is one of the most important considerations when designing an enterprise network, and the creation of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a highly effective way to protect private data and communications. Rack911 has the expertise to quickly and efficiently set up VPNs that are designed to meet each customer’s unique network and privacy needs.

Software Package Install and Configuration: Proper installation and configuration of various software and applications is critical to enterprise success. Whatever your software needs, Rack911 can help ensure it’s done right the first time.

Cluster Design: For many enterprises, server clusters can significantly improve network speed, application performance, and overall uptime/availability. Rack911 can deploy clusters with expertly tuned configuration to help achieve network performance goals.