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World-ClassLinux Server Management

World-class Active Server Management is the product of dedication, experience, knowledge and a customer-focused mindset. Rack911 offers server monitoring, backup system design, proactive upgrading, patching and security response, and conducts extensive 3rd party software audits for the most comprehensive security and management service available.

Linux Server Management Services

Linux Server Monitoring

All Rack911 management services include comprehensive monitoring. We monitor the availability of system services, along with the general health of the server, including server load, disk space, RAM usage and CPU processing capacity.

Proactive Security Patching

Quick reaction to security hole discovery and patch release is key to maintaining a secure server environment. Rack911 patches your operating system and system services within 24 hours of critical upgrade release.

Control Panel Management

If you are utilizing a control panel, Rack911 will evaluate new releases for stability, and will upgrade you to the latest version that meets our approval, ensuring your control panel has the most up-to-date andĀ usefulĀ feature set for your needs.

System Administration

All Rack911 management plans include system administration assistance for diagnosing and resolving issues related to the operation of your server, ensuring you enjoy the highest level of uptime possible.

3rd Party Software Installation

Third-party server software installation assistance (FFmpeg, Sphinx full text search engine spider, et.al.) is included in all management plans.

Backup Management

Rack911 provides managed backup services. We will create a backup plan that offers you the right balance of onsite and offsite backup protection for your budget. This service requires an additional quote.

Log Monitoring

Rack911 relays system logs to its centralized monitoring server, and logs are audited daily for potential problems, both security and server health-related.

Security Monitoring

Rack911 routinely investigates your server for potential security issues.